John Lewis Full Length Scallop Mirror, 34.8 x 110cm





A striking mirror with a gentle scalloped effect which adds a smooth and reflective edge around the frame. It’s elegant, yet simple, which will add a touch of feminine charm to the interior. Hang it in a bedroom or hallway to open up your room, giving the illusion of more space and light. This mirror will use strap hangers and can be fixed to ether a brick wall, using steel screws, or a cavity wall, using cavity bolts. Never hang this mirror on a damp wall. Drill holes into the wall at a slight downward slope and secure with 5mm of the screw still showing. Ensure the fixings are strong enough to support the weight of the mirror. Hang the strap directly on to the screw head and your mirror should now be hung securely on the wall; under no circumstance should you use a cord, wire or chain to hang. Wall fixings are not provided. A generic hanging and fitting instruction manual is included.

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